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New user table Allowance return a table of active allowances syntax: User Table(Allowance?....filters....) Khác   
Tag <#Allowance()> - return the latest allowance value Syntax : <#Allowance(Position;PayrollCode;Date- optional = today;Value number - optional : 0/1/2/3)> Khác   
pbs.BO.HR.EAL -> employee Allowance New table for keeping allowance policy. Khác   
Shorcut vào một connection Gõ lệnh "PIN" trên giao diện 4.5, hệ thống sẽ cho phép tạo shorcut tại desktop vào một connection trên PhoebusConfig, ignore default connection đang có Hệ thống   
Fix bug: Gõ lệnh trong phoebus 4.5. Khi chức năng hiện ra bị dấu đằng sau màn hình phoebus 4.5. phải bấm alt-Tab để tìm lại.  Hệ thống   
Fix bug _XLL.Phoebus.Functions.TT_XLB_EB does not convert to value when export to Excel, although the setting in Phoebus says so. Hệ thống   
Enhance lookup list for date/month/year Calendar/Date returns dd-MM-yyyy. Period returns 0MM-yyyy. Month returns MM-yyyy. Year returns yyyy Hệ thống   
Enhance Period choosing syntax on dashboard Optional suffix: f_from=-x&f_to=y that allows increasing period range for choosing. Example: phoebus://P1?id=!&lookup=Period&f_from=-40&f_to=40 will help you choose period from 40 months before to 40 months later. Hệ thống   
New Tag <#ConvRate("USD",Month/Date)>  Return the default rate of a specific currency. Month/Date parameter is optional. if it is not provided, using value is current period/ current date Hệ thống   
Fix bug : Can not drag tile between groups This bug is introduced recently. Due to DevExpress component Hệ thống   
Fix Bug. Spreadsheet crash when one cell contain too long text  Hệ thống   
Reimplement Tile Gadget. Tile gadget is edited one by one like System tile of the home screen. Báo cáo   
Update to new framework 14.1 Many enhancement is waiting for your discovery. One of them is touch scrollbar, Another is search capability over Property settings. It helps alot when you finding a property of grid, for example FormDesign  Here are the new features comming soon 
New data for context menu : [FocusedColumn] return the column name, where you perform a mouse click. [FocusedValue] return the value of cell, where you click it.  Báo cáo   
Adding security id to a grid enable editing the list seamlessly example : add a grid with Column Code, Name, Lookup ... to a form. Assign Security ID = pbs.BO.LA.CA. the editing behaviour is consistent with Phoebus security setting. Hệ thống  to provide an example 
New user table syntax: user table(FIXnnnn) where nnnn is number Return a table with one column LineId. the table will have nnnn rows. Example user table(FIX<#daycount(C)>) return a table with number of rows = number of days in current month Hệ thống   
New function: copy dashboard copy Dashboard available in design mode. copy dashboard and its layout to a new one. Hệ thống   
Add buttons to text edit box. Within the form designer. textbox can have many buttons related. Check UrlCommands collection in its setup FormDesign   
Enhance Copy form. Copy form automatic copy all actions, layout and template to a new form FormDesign   
Tiles have Data Access Group now. Only users having permission can see them.  Hệ thống   
Fix bug: MultiOption does not display data when loading form.  After saving a form with multioption and open it again. the multioption is empty Hệ thống   
Fix bug when import to user table with automatic key like LINE_NO error : column LineNo does not exists in table "Table_Name" Hệ thống   
New phoebus API: phoebus://setting?id=SettingId This API should be used in a setting form. It will store all mapping cells (singlecell namerange) of the form Xls to database. for example, if you want to save 2 settings of pbs.BO.HR module: min_salary and leave_per_year. You need to create a form, the template of which having 2 cells with name min_salary and leave_per_year. When perform action phoebus://setting?id=pbs.BO.HR. Phoebus will store 2 parameters to the system. Use tag <#setting(settingid;settingkey;notfound)> or function =setting(settingid,settingkey,notfound) to get back the setting Hệ thống   
Fix Bug: a Worksheet form export to Excel does not contain new values, entered by user  Hệ thống   
New tag and functions: <#setting(settingid;settingkey;optional notfound)> . Important: settingkey must be in lower key and without space charater: " ". All space characte if exists is converted to "_". if your store a cell with name : Min Salary. you can only get it back with the key: min_salary Retrieve the setting in phoebus. settingid is the setting package. settingkey is the item in the package. not found is value if item in the package not found - optional. for example: <#setting(pbs.BO.LA;company_address)> get the value of company_address in pbs.BO.LA settings. Hệ thống   
The Old DateSelector come back. The new Date selector from Devexpress is deprecated. They are not flexible in navigation and select a date Hệ thống   
Form definition have new options: Hide the save button and run many actions when save is clicked Hide Save button, so user can only click Post. Assign up to 5 actions to save. When user click Save. these actions will be excecuted. FormDesign   
Hide worksheet header of a worksheet form WorkSheet form have settings to hide scrollbars, tabs and column/row headers FormDesign   
Change behaviour of function Fixed Asset Record. Fixed Asset record should have the end depreciation method later than the start depreciation method. For tool and instruments, depreciation can be allocated in one period only. This change address this requirement. It allows the end depreciation = start depreciation period Quản lý TSCĐ   
Important : Change the audit trail. Audit trail of a reference record contains information: the form code, form id, and action which change the data. You should repairDB to make it works. Without repairDB, the auditrail will stop working. Hệ thống   
Fix Bug: Read excel range with column headers being formated In many case the formatted column header of an Excel range adds invisible character before and after the column name. when the data bind to a grid grid may not fount the data, because the column name is wrong. Hệ thống   
New user table syntax.  User table(<<A0001,B0002,C0003) will create a table with one column named Variable, each row contains one variable. This implementation useful when the variables play role in the report structure Báo cáo   
New user table syntax User table(QD=ABC;ACCNT_CODE=A0001;....) return a table as a result of running query ABC with filer ACCNT_CODE=A0001 ...Query ABC must exists in Phoebus. this implementation is the replacement of pbsQD_ obsoleted syntax Báo cáo   
Fix Bug: refresh=Y stop working for dashboard It shoud work fine now Báo cáo   
Now, all pictures are saved into the database. When user uploads a picture, other users will automatically download them to their local pc a new table is created : pbs_RESOURCESXXX. New store procedure is required: pbs_RESXXX_InsertUpdate. User may need to run repairDB to create them Hệ thống   
Enhance pivot table drill menu. Pivot menu context can read all fields, instead of only visible fileds in previous implementation. If the field has more than one value, all values will be join together with "," seperator FormDesign   
New phoebus API: phoebus://insertupdate?type=recordType&key1=value1&data2=value2 & ....  Hệ thống   
Support format a tree list by each level.  FormDesign   
Support auto calculate Sum of every children and put the result to their parent  FormDesign   
Add a new API to Phoebus: phoebus://delete?id=datatype&key1=key1Value&key2=key2Value .... Example for delete NA record: phoebus://delete?id=pbs.BO.LA.NA&AddCode=A001 FormDesign   
Within form designer. User can assign phoebus commands to row delete event and row select event to the Grid and TreeList components  for example when user delete a row. the attached command will be executed immediately or be queued for exceution on form saving FormDesign   
Fixed bug of Workflow detail: if Goto step is empty and condition If is <reject>. Workflow task move to the next step instead of cancel the workflow  Workflow   
Enhance Workflow header definition: Add more 5 cancel actions Complete Actions is run only when workflow is completed with approval. If workflow task is cancelled, the cancel actions run Workflow   
Phoebus support SMS sending , similar to Mail sending phoebus://sms?id=smsprofile&mobileno=090304xxxx Hệ thống   
Add Actions to Workflow Detail: ReleaseAction1..5. and RejectActions1..5.  Workflow   
Add Actions to Workflow Header: SubmitAction1..5. and CompleteActions1..5.  Workflow   
Fix Bug: Can not upload document link The bug is introduced from Hệ thống   
Fix bug. run phoebus://FACD?id=<ALL>&lookup=CCDC ... does not apply command parameters  Kế toán sổ cái   
Report to Excel/PDF/Word have time stamp in their file name.  Báo cáo   
Fix bug: user table in excel template always run with current database despite any formula setup  Báo cáo   
(REHP) RE Hard Posting function has been added  Real Estate Management   
ARJQ - real estate journal inquiry re enable selection column  Real Estate Management   
Account Listing/Journal Listing ..Command Extract has been removed before, now come back with command shortcut E - Extract.   Kế toán sổ cái   
Calling Print Review from phoebus:// is now working as expected as other output option: Excel/Pdf/Word  Hệ thống   
Add Lead time to PM profile. Add Estimated Duration to Work order header  Khác   
DB settings for DEcimal seperator and thousand seperator are working now in user form, reports and entry forms  Hệ thống   
Fix Bug: After changing current language to English. All the form labels are not translated anymore.  FormDesign   
Fix Bug: Automatic allocation when click Collect in Real Estate Module  Real Estate Management   
Fix bug: Missiong Allocation Period and allocation date when posting to real estate ledger  Real Estate Management   
Fix Bug: Dashboard layout. If the home dashboard splitted to different regions, The first loading do not remember the splitter position.  Báo cáo   
Fix bug: From the form list. click workflow. Phoebus shows all task related to selected document and allows users to Release or Reject regardless of user role. Release or Reject must obey the company hierarchy of authority Workflow   
Get other system parameters to config sheet: USER TABLE(LD) -> return Ledger definition. USER TABLE(HRBD) -> return HR definition. USER TABLE(ICBD) -> return inventory definition. USER TABLE(EAMBD) -> return Asset Maintenance Definition. USER TABLE(SOBD) -> return Sales Business definition. USER TABLE(REBD) -> return Real estate definition.  Kế toán sổ cái   
Improvement: JI: D_C was determined by Other Amount sign, then by Amount sign. Now D_C is also determined by Memo amount sign if both Other Amount and Amount = Zero.  Kế toán sổ cái   
Improvement: F5 in selection list just removed the filter. User need to close the dialog, reopen it to get the updated list. Now close and reopen is not required anymore if the lookup list is used to fill-in some entry box.  Exception: When open the selection list from a function. Means selection list is used to open a record. Close and reopen is still required. This is going to be improved soon Hệ thống   
Fix Bug: Combo box in user designed form lost descriptions after saving.  FormDesign   
New Function LAPARA: Setup Common Parameters for LA module. Access to LAPARA from template via USER TABLE(LAPARA) Báo cáo   
In the <#config> sheet, if a user table named JL/AL/ALVAS/IL/ML and also data query is LA, then the output will be full list for Journal listing/ Account listing .... Use this feature to put JL/AL within dashboard or any adhoc report. They can be called not only from JL/AL function, but also with phoebus:// syntax Báo cáo   
Fix Bug: can not drill down TT_XLB formula.  This bug introduced from version 4.198 Hệ thống   
Fix Bug: Delete WLO, having EAW records leads to confusion when running workflow.  From this version delete WLO is allowed only when this location have no assigment Hệ thống   
Authentication with google account. requirement: google account email must be mapped in LDAP field of OD. or an OD account called GMA - google mail account exists Kế toán sổ cái   
Workflow mail can access singlename range in the excel form  Workflow   
Fix Bug: Workflow go to <back> loops between 2 users  Workflow   
Send mail from work flow can use send imediatelly now. the sending processed in background  Workflow   
Work-Order Import import work order  Khác  Example 
Customization the querylink in phoebus form 1: Dynamic filters phoebus://lookup?id=NA&f_AddCode=[Cell_name] allows creating a query link with dynamic list capability. When Cell_name change it value. The lookup show only items, having AddCode matched with the value in Cell_name FormDesign   
Selection List enhancement: Click new from a selection list automatically run command Create. When user finish creating a new item and press OK and Close. A newly created item code return to the textbox, from where we perform lookup Hệ thống   
CTPL - Create from template now understand template for each analysis category and lookup category.  For example you create TPL - 2 templates for T1 and T2. When editing T1 only the first template is applied. So it 's a good behaviour for creating a lookup list with auto incremental code Hệ thống   
VOCA - user defined vocabulary now support up to 5 language  Hệ thống   
Fix minor bug related to refresh dashboard after launching a dialog  FormDesign   
JI enhancement: Calling ji from dashboard or form action have one more option : shrink Ex: phoebus://JI?range=import_range&shrink=y will sum transactions with the same non-Amount data. It work the same way with shrink option in transfer manager Kế toán sổ cái   
Moving focus within phoebus form with arrow keys You can use arrow keys to move to the next textbox. Notes: arrow up/down keys does not work with multiline textbox  FormDesign   
Control the Tab Order: The tab order on phoebus form is controlable now. If you setup name range group_01, group_02... focus will shift inside group_01 first , then go to group_02 ... and so on. The tab order define the next text box when user finished entry by pressing Tab or Enter key FormDesign   
Fix bug with content aligment of check box/ text box  FormDesign   
Fix bug with create a reference record with template and parameters. ex : phoebus://ECER?id=&EquExtDesc1=abc&template=ECER_TEMPLATE Hệ thống   
New Form Action command : phoebus://SQL?range=script_range  FormDesign   
New hidden function for form: TI - Transfer in. Allowing import many excel file to user form. The use case: Phoebus user exports a form to excel as a template. Non Phoebus user fill in the form, The filled forms are imported to Phoebus. FormDesign   
New Function ELAB - EAM labels - declare label description for equipment certificate  Khác   
User confirmation has been added to PFA- Form action. When user run the action and post data to database. Phoebus will ask for confirmation, if it is defined here.  FormDesign   
New function: ECER - Equipment Certificate Maintain certificate for equipment. The table is similar to CER from HRM module, the differences: EQU_CODE instead of EMPL_CODE. ECER has more fields: ExtDate1..ExtDate5 and DAG Khác   
Data import from form support silent mode now. Just add &show=N to you phoebus:// command  FormDesign   
New Option for Ledger definition: Use System Date As Allocation Period By default the allocation period is Current Period. Check this option to use System Date as allocation period instead. Kế toán sổ cái   
Introduce a new form rendering engine, which may sustitute spread form. The new form engine have better performance and a nicer look.  In PBF - Phoebus form definition, set Render Method = F in order to use new rendering engine. Hệ thống   
Enhance phoebus form definition in PBF - form definition. Set Form range ,so form engine will read only inside this range. Set validation range , so form engine will check validation before saving or submiting FormDesign   
Enhance form designer with Excel. Phoebus Form understands Excel Data Validation Form designer will check validation, which is setup with Excel validation rules. FormDesign   
Phoebus Form enhancement If conditional format of a cell having the font color matches with the background color. The cell is considerred as disable. FormDesign   
Fix Bug: Create a reference data from template. The next number of new reference record is not correctly calculated if more than one user working with creation. Hệ thống   
Upload all report template, used in Phoebus Dashboard, Command, Report Definitions, Query Designer with one single action Button Upload in TV function: normally allows user to select a template(s) for uploading. In DEBUG mode, it automatically searching for all templates, which Phoebus required and upload them all.. Báo cáo   
Important Notice: Before upgrading from any previous version to version 4.144 and later. You MUST uninstall Phoebus. Because the digital signature is changed. Failing to do so, you end up with two version of Phoebus in your computer. ---------------------------------------------------- Hệ thống   
New function for spread : =FormDataId. Return the system generated ID of the form. User can use this function to detect if the form is new or saved, so the sequence number will be generated or not  FormDesign   
New Tag <#MyWLO(PrimaryOnly as Y/N)> return all working location of the current user.  Workflow   
Real Estate Extended Description is enabled in RED (Real estate business definition.)  Real Estate Management   
Fix Bug: Generate Payment.  When user run generate payment and choose JE instead of Generate Payment. Allocation is marked in the payment transaction only -> unbalance allocation Kế toán sổ cái   
Enhance CL- Client setup When editing a client record. Click quick link to NA/BK to edit address and bank information of the on processing client Kế toán sổ cái   
Dashboard Title: {P1}..{P10} in Dashboard title will be replaced by the actual parameter when running  Khác   
Enhance JCA: When JCA have T code assigned. User can re-assign to another Tcode only when : 1/. Phoebus run in debugmode. 2/ User has permission on LD.Amend  Kế toán sổ cái   
Fix Bug JCA. Not reset corresponding account when running JCA.  Kế toán sổ cái   
Enhance Form definition. Option Show Table Header turning on will allow user to see the column and row header as excel work book  FormDesign   
Finished form can be print-out.  Workflow   
Fix bug: Item balance is not displaying item balance anymore. this bug is introduced from  Quản lý kho   
Fix Bug: Command Print from the context menu of function TSM - Monthly Timesheet is not working.  Work-around: use button Print from the dashboard.  Khác   
New syntax : type: Form:theFormCode into the action box will open the list of forms, having type = theFormCode *** phoebus://form:Advance also works as phoebus://form?id=advance FormDesign   
Fix Bugs Document button doesn't work in function Form list FormDesign   
A new Inbox icon on the menu bar display the pending task. Click this icon open the List of Pending task  Workflow   
HRM Busines definition (HRBD) has 3 more options: Allows duplicate timesheet reference/ Allows duplicate EPR reference/ Event Types that does not allow duplicated TimeSheetNo  Khác   
Word template on server RTF file (word template) can be uploaded with command TV now. Báo cáo   
Enhance RD - Report definition Report definition have one more field: Output Format, which allows users to select between: P-Pdf/X-Excel/W-Word/or blank as preview Báo cáo   
New Function ADHI - import employee advance Allow import master-detail employee Advance Khác  Example 
New lookup/lookupset syntax for form designer. This syntax add lookup or calendar button to the editing form, thus improving the look and feel. phoebus://lookup?id=EMP&-1=Code&1=Descriptn FormDesign  Example 
Business Form has additional column Ref..Ref5 Because Ref1..Ref5 are valid cell address. Mapping Form to table use name range Reference1 instead of Ref1. Workflow   
Fix bug: ELC - employee contract. Bug when saving the Suspend field  Khác   
Fix bug related to Ledger interface for SOD. "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[pbs.BO.SimpleInfo]' to type 'pbs.BO.IQueryWorkSheet This bug introduced in 4.117 Sales   
Enhance Workflow Step: Add Release Condition 1..5 and Message1..5 Usage: In case user must Post business form or transfer in before releasing. Press Release button will check the condition 1..5 first. If checking failed, an error message will show-up telling user about the missing action. Workflow   
Change Ledger interface behaviour for SOD SOD ledger interface uses InvNo as import-key instead of TransRef. So invoicing can process part of Sales Order Sales   
PRHI - Purchase Requisition Template New function allows importing the purchase requisition to Phoebus Quản lý mua hàng  Sample form 
RQHI- Request for quotation import Quote from supplier can be imported to Phoebus with this function Quản lý mua hàng  sample template 
Dashboard of Phoebus module If your desktop is displaying a dashboard, and you switch between modules LA,PO,IC ... then Phoebus will navigate to the dashboard with the link text = Module Name. Ex. If you click LA module and exists a dashboard link with Link Text = LA. Phoebus automatic bring you there Báo cáo   
New Tag <#NextSeqNo(PC;Y/N)> Take the next number, defined by sequence number profile PC. Y mean take number and mark the number as used. This tag will be used most of the time in Business Form, where Reference will automatically fill in the form Báo cáo  example 
SOI - Sale Order Import Import mapped spread/excel to SOE. syntax : phoebus://SOI?header=H&detail=D. H is mapped to header field. D - to detail. Example file link:  Sales  Sample Form Template 
Import Preview mode When user run an import action with Flag1..5. He cannot click it again. What happens if the importing data is not correct? The solution is preview mode. User must preview it first. If there are no error, perform the post or import action. Further, data entry user will not access the import button , only preview. Syntax : phoebus://TransferIn?id=pbs.BO.LA.NA&preview=Y FormDesign   
Close form after posting If Flag1 -> Flag5 of a form action have one of values Y,P,C then when user perform the action, The form is closed right after running. Effectively, the form will close after posting.  FormDesign   
PFA - Phoebus Form Actions: Define actions, which can be processed with a form. Ex : Transfer In, Update , Delete, Display a report , link to other functions .... In Workflow detail function, form action can be enable/disable for each step inside the workflow. For example at step 1: Transferin data. at step 2 update another data ... Workflow   
Workflow module includes: WLO- Working localion. EAWG - Employee Assignment. WHD - work flow header. WDT - workflow detail. WFE - work flow expression. WFTAG- workflow tags. Workflow  Article 
Improve performance of SOH/SOQ  Sales   
POI - purchase order import Import mapped spread/excel to POE. syntax : phoebus://POI?header=H&detail=D. H is mapped to header field. D - to detail. Example file link:  Quản lý mua hàng  Example 
Enhance Item record template & asset record template Automatic next code can be generated at the moment user update record to database instead of editing time. Syntax : {000000} instead of {0:000000} , without ":" , the code will be generated at database, avoiding multi user to create duplicated code Hệ thống   
DBD- Dashboard definition Maintain dashboard description/ import export dashboard from one system to another is much easier Hệ thống   
DBL: Dashboard Link - organize dash board in a hierarchy in the function tree. This help : 1/ Access to a dashboard easier. 2/Syntax : phoebus://DDB?id=linktext is far more portable than the old one : phoebus://DDB?id=0002  Hệ thống   
Shortcut to workflow task Goto Pending workflow task : phoebus://WFTQ. go to task Done : phoebus://WFTQ?s=DON. go to all tasks : phoebus://WFTQ?s=ALL Workflow   
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