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Setting permission pbs.BO.PBF.RUN.Attach = N will hide the attach button from form entry  WorkFlow  
Fix : Tooltips is showing for all mini button on the form header  WorkFlow  
Form enhancement: if the conditional format of a hyperlink having forecolor match with backcolor, it will be disable like other input control  WorkFlow  
Fix Bug: User access from ipad can not check / uncheck a checkbox  WorkFlow  
Form Enhancement : All control, having comment will show this comment on form as tool tips - except the phoebus:// comment  WorkFlow  
Fixed Bug inf Form entry. Lost focus from the textbox if the backup template take too much time to recalculate.  WorkFlow  
Fixed bug of Workflow detail: if Goto step is empty and condition If is <reject>. Workflow task move to the next step instead of cancel the workflow Complete Actions is run only when workflow is completed with approval. If workflow task is cancelled, the cancel actions run WorkFlow  
Enhance Workflow header definition: Add more 5 cancel actions  WorkFlow  
When user logout. and Report server defined in DB is not empty. Phoebus web redirect to this loction.  If you ar using a custom login page. Put the login address here Hệ thống  
User can login with Employee Code, mapped with OD  Hệ thống  
Add actions to workflow details: ReleaseAction1..5 and RejectAction1..5  WorkFlow  
Add Actions to Workflow Header: SubmitAction1..5. and CompleteActions1..5.   WorkFlow  
Core change with html5 rendering . Support IE 11. Fix error : can not edit grid cell s  Hệ thống  
Fixed problem: switch between entity but dashboard from the old entity remain showing  Báo cáo  
Fix caching problem : NC .   Báo cáo  
Add movement Entry function  Quản lý kho  
Fix bug:  Add filter to query selection does not work. Reset query does not work, Query selection does not reload user queries Hệ thống  
Enhance dashboard command : refresh=y will update dashboard after running the command  Hệ thống  
New Function: TPH.TPD = Timesheet Preset Header/ Details  HRM  
New function ABBR. timesheet Abbreviation  HRM  
New Function TSA - Timesheet approval Approve timesheet for whole department. HR Admin approve for whole company HRM  
WFTQ/WFT Workflow task implemented  WorkFlow  
AB- Asset Budget Record implemented  Quản lý TSCĐ  
CD Calculate Depreciation. DI Asset disposal . Implemented  Quản lý TSCĐ  
SQ - Aset Inquiry implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
JE - Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
LA Reference Data : CA/NA/CN/CV/DC/JD/SN/RD/CAT/CATM/LKU/QD/QDADD implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
GP/GD- Generate Payment/ Generate Debit implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
JL/AL Journal Listing/Account Listing Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
AA- Asset analysis Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
Jq-Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
AQ - Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
JH- Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
JI- Journal Import implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
LQ - Implemented  Kế toán sổ cái  
All reference data of HRM: EMP/ELC/ESN/EAS/ .... implemented  HRM  
TSA - timesheet Approval - implemented  HRM  
CMD Phoebus Command Implemented  Hệ thống  
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