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Phoebus XL supports almost functions, which phoebus tag does. This help user to design phoebus form directly in Excel Example . =Slookup()/=SValue()/....  
Send Mail and Send SMS directly from inside Excel.  Select range in excel worksheet and click send to generate SMS and mail  
User Table query in the Config sheet supports User Defined Output as well as Sorting capability In order to use UDF for User table, user needs to click User Table Button instead of Formula Link. User query will be saved as XML instead of TT_XLB_EB  
New function Run Command : open an entry form  
Enhance : Automatic / Manual calculation mode is available on the Phoebus XL ribbon  
New Functions: Tag editor. Relationship creator. Converter Excel<->Template. Converter Comment<->Cell Value. Submit template. Run report  
Add more functions : Decorate report tag. Designer window. Data Band  
Enhance report designer.  allow drag drop from user table dictionary. Decorate report tags. Insert data band...  
Design Import Wizard Help user to map the import data easier.  
new vba call: List(cell address) and Recal(range)  
Allow calling Phoebus Function from VBA. Example how to call Phoebus from VBA: Application.COMAddIns.Item("PhoebusXL.AddinModule").Object.PhoebusCmd("phoebus://NA") ActiveCell.Value = Application.COMAddIns.Item("PhoebusXL.AddinModule").Object.Lookup("NA","defValue") ActiveCell.Value = Application.COMAddIns.Item("PhoebusXL.AddinModule").Object.LookupSet("NA","defValue")  
New Function Comment Editors Help user to set Phoebus comments inside Excel  
Integrate 100% Phoebus function to Phoebus XL You can use Phoebus functions directly from Excel  
Fix bug.  When open a query with @ parameter and normal parameter. all FilterTo are empty  
Phoebus XL understand linked relationship. Linked relationship is introduced in phoebus 3.39. which allows create additional links between existing data table. exp. link LA\EMP  
Add EAH/EAD dictionary  
Fix Bug PhoebusXL When computer regional setting is Vietnamese, decimal is comma (,). thousand seperator is dot (.) . Variables in Excel formula should be seperated by ";" instead of "," . In this case , you will need to open StartUpSettings and tell Phoebus XL to use ";" .  
Add Drill through function You can drill through in PhoebusXL Analyser as in Phoebus  
Fix bug QDADD with DAG PhoebusXL cannot load QDADD if one of them is setup with DAG  
Tag / user table parameter Khi tham số là Tag <#.>. PhoebusXL sẽ tự động coi tag là tham số và đẩy xuống danh sách tham số ở cuối công thức.  
Document Link Hỗ trợ mở các liên kết chứng từ ngay từ chức năng phân tích trong Excel 4.0.16  
Support ODBC Connection Phoebus XL có thể phân tích dữ liệu từ bất kỳ nguồn nào, miễn là nguồn dữ liệu cho phep truy cập qua ODBC 4.0.15  
Bugs Bug when create user table tags. with from/to = tags. It's correct when from/to = cell reference 4.0.13  
Implement Document Link Add the Document link feature in Analyser 4.0.11  
Bugs Sửa lỗi Recalculate khi báo cáo có 2 worksheet trở lên 4.0.10  
Recalculate Thêm tùy chọn Recalculate/Recalculate Worksheet/Recalculate Workbook 4.0.10  
Hiển thị 26 mục